Planning & Zoning Commission

The P&Z Commission members are appointed by the Town Council members and correspond to the Council Members’ Seat #’s.  Here is the list of current members:

Seat 1 – Council Member Tom DeVille / P&Z Commission Member Don Cimino Term Expires December 2024
Seat 2 – Council Member Mickey Taylor / P&Z Commission Member Stephen Bradfield Term expires December 2022
Seat 3 – Council Member Elizabeth Ryder / P& Z Commission Member Rosemary Gilson Term expires in December 2022
Seat 4 – Council Member Adrian Andrews / P&Z Commission Member Ken Anderson Term expires in December 2024
Seat 5 – Council Member Paul Sabin / P&Z Commission Member Steve Vander Kamp Term expires in December 2024

Please note the terms for the P&Z Commission Members are the same as the Town Council Members.  The P&Z Commission Members are sworn in and are responsible for the Town’s Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations.  These meetings are called as needed.  Therefore only notices are provided.