Planning & Zoning Commission

Penney Farms Town Hall
4100 Clark Avenue
Penney Farms, Florida 32079

The P&Z Commission members are appointed by the Town Council members and correspond to the Council Members’ Seat #’s.  Here is the list of current members:

Seat 1 – Council Member Tom DeVille / P&Z Commission Member Don Cimino Term Expires December 2024
Seat 2 – Council Member Mickey Taylor / P&Z Commission Member Stephen Bradfield Term expires December 2022
Seat 3 – Council Member Elizabeth Ryder / P& Z Commission Member Rosemary Gilson Term expires in December 2022
Seat 4 – Council Member Adrian Andrews / P&Z Commission Member Ken Anderson Term expires in December 2024
Seat 5 – Council Member Paul Sabin / P&Z Commission Member Steve Vander Kamp Term expires in December 2024

Please note the terms for the P&Z Commission Members are the same as the Town Council Members.  The P&Z Commission Members are sworn in and are responsible for the Town’s Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations.  These meetings are called as needed.  Therefore only notices are provided.


Plans and Development