The Town of Penney Farms Finance Department’s primary responsibilities are to oversee and manage the financial related activity of the Town, including budget, purchasing and contracts, grant administration, investments, revenue, payroll, debt, utility billing and collection, and other accounting and financial reporting. Provides advice to the Town’s elected and appointed officials on issues affecting the current and future financial affairs of the Town. Also provides financial support to operating departments and reports accurate and timely financial information to the Town Council, management, citizens of Penney Farms and other government entities.

The department maintains reasonable internal controls to safeguard the Town’s assets. Ensure the timely and accurate recording of transactions in accordance with generally accepted government accounting standards and applicable laws or regulations. Overall, the Finance Department’s mission is to provide sound financial management, assistance and dependable advice relative to the Town’s decision making process with the best interest of the citizens and taxpayers.

The Finance Department is under the direction of Town Manager, David Cooper, if you have any questions regarding the finances of the Town of Penney Farms you may contact him at Town Hall or by email.

2023-2024 Final Approved Budget
2022-2023 Final Approved Budget
2021-2022 Final Adopted Budget

Anita E. Cooper, Town Clerk
Public Records Custodian
Town of Penney Farms
4100 Clark Avenue | PO Box 1041
Penney Farms, Florida 32079
[email protected]